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Brisbane river, 13th Nov. Dead slow


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thriller wrote:

Fished the river last night,

Seems as though I was in a similar spot to Angus, (around Newstead)

No luck cast netting, not even a touch on the only live herring I managed to catch.

20:00 to 23:00.

Hope a wasn't the only one with a big fat 0! :S

thats a very unsportsman like hope to have:laugh:

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Just got home... Not much exciting to report. (3 decent stingrays)

only good thing to report came in the cast net!

1 cast landed me about 50 herring, that was painful getting them all free.

and another cast landed right on top of a school of trevally! must of been around 10 of them around 20cm or so. As i was lifting the net out of the water I am convinced I saw a little noah come in for a closer look at all the fuss. then managed some prawns, so I must say a good night with the net.

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you wern't the only one, managed to net around 20 good sized mullet, approx 15 min after casting out had a great run but didn't hook up. from 4pm thru till around midnight not another touch. may be due to a liitle excess fresh in the river. i was fishing up around west end area. hope it comes good for next weekend all the best ezy

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