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Fishing this arvo/tonight at spot X99!


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G'day all,

After a hectic week with bugger all fishing, I am heading out after work this arvo and into the evening. Spot X99 is unknown even to me, basically I am going for an explore and hopefully find somewhere fishy! Will most likely be on the southside shore between Bulimba and Hawthorne, or maybe even drop some livies in near the gateway bridge! If anyone is in the area, drop in and say g'day, I will update this thread with the location once I have found it!

Cheers, and maybe see some of you out!


PS - Target tonight is anything with a heart-beat that will take live-bait, as I don't want four donuts in a row :) Ha ha!

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Good night out with Ryan. He passed the balance test, patience test (waiting for two late old blokes), and castnetting marathon test. :laugh:

2 rusty old male shovelies, and a pretty female. 1 OS cattie and another disguised as a flatty on the night's last drift. :dry:

Ryan - I still have your jacket. Lucky for you it's a bit big for me. :whistle: :aussie:

Shortie couldn't manage one strike on his prawnzam.

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