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Npd horse.


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Took Graham Pflaum to NPD this morning. John Ford was supposed to come but he pulled out at last minute as he was crook.

Dino was just in the process of launching when we arrived so after a bit of a natter we headed off into these conditions.


Checked our shrimp pots and got around 40 shrimp and then started trolling.

I was first on the board with this one .


And Graham followed up with another healthy one.


We couldnt entice any more to eat out lures so I decided to give the bait a go.I wasnt real confident as they have been ignoring bait lately.

Graham dropped a shrimp over the side and got a hook up on the way down.


Closely followed by this one.


He had boated 4 fish before I even got a bite which I missed.

Just before we called it a day as we had used most of the shrimp Graham got this stonker.



I think that it is only the second 50+ bass that has come into my boat since the dam reopened.

We ended up with 13 bass all over 40cm so it was good to find some quality fish again.

Only got 7 redclaw from the pots so I am going to pull them on Sunday.

Dropped into John Fords place on the way home to cheer him up and he was rather ungratefull and told us to pee off.



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