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coochimudlo island 14/11


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Going for a fish on my tinnie tomorrow from about 5am - 3pm. Ill be using dead poddies and squid, going for a few squire hopefully! Has anyone else fished there in the past? Anything else to expect? I'll be fishing the side with all the boat morings with the rocky bottom.

Be good to hear a bit of info in regards to previous reports.

Thanks alot


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Launched at around 5.30 from Victoria point boat ramp and started fishing at the boat mooring side of coochie about 6. Set out mostly poddy mullet baits but a bit of squid also. There were a lot of pickers around but we still managed 5 snapper and 3 sweetlip, all slightly undersize.

At about 8, all ski boats and jetskis gathered around so it was decided that it was time to move.

We drove over to thompsons beach and anchored for a while using the same baits for again only a few undersize fish, this time they were bream and snapper.

As the tide was high we drove into the creek and got the cast net out. Had a few casts around for end result 15 live mullet.

Found another spot about a kilometre out from redland bay where a channel runs through the banks and anchored there. The bites started early as my mate got smashed on his live mullet by a 90cm shovelnose. I soon followed with a fair ray about 60cm across, it fought bloody hard! I set up my 6lb outfit with a fillet of a little mullet and left it out, not in the rodholder just leaning against the seat. Well as I'm impersonating the screaming drag sound of a shark i have caught previously, my little diawa goes crazy and gets dragged almost of the boat, i caught it just as the tip went into the water and followed to pull in a nice legal squire in the late 30s.

After a few more shovelnoses and small squire i get a bit hit and strike with weight, It felt like another nice snapper and when i got it close i saw a big tailor! It would have easily been 50cm. Just as i was leading it around the boat for my mate to grab it went for another run and the hook pulled, I wasnt too happy!

A bit after this, I set up a strip of squid on an 8lb outfit and cast it out, hoping for a nice whting or snapper. The rod got a BIG hit so i picked it up to get a feel, i was waiting for another hit when it slowly loaded up and i struck. The drag was going crazy and this fish was splashing and jumping on the surface, I saw a grey/silver colour but not a clear look at the fish. After about 10 seconds and about 50m of line gone with more huge splashes, the line snapped and i was left standing there without even knowing what just happened! Anyone have any idea what this may have been?

A bit after this my 6lb goes crazy with half a mullet on and i get about a 90-100cm shark boatside with the hook just missing it's teeth. Again, it changed direction and went for another run and end result was being cut off.

Not too much happened after that with a few more small snapper coming over but it was time to call it a day.

Quite happy with the action but it would have been nice to land those few that got away!



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