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Land based at NPD 13/11


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Had some time for a look around some other parts of the dam yesterday arvo, but access is pretty much restricted off the beaten track. Ended up at a spot I had fished at before, and on the basis of some advice from a NPD regular, started cycling through the lures to try to find a winner.

There were fish around, but not taking anything until I got out the big guns - 4 buck BigW lures. Hooked up only 6 or 8 metres from the bank, after a little time hiding behind one of the many small trees/bushes about 3 metres out I landed my first Bass (in fact the first fish I have caught in Australia).

Was just over legal size, but not much of a feed in it so I put him back to fight another day. It was a good fun catch on light gear, and I can't wait to get something a bit bigger!

No photo's as it was getting a bit dark and the camera phone picture shows a silver blob in the net.


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That's about all I shop for, Big W lures, thus far, I haven't really noticed the difference in fish catching abilities between hexy and cheapos! I caught my first yella the other day on a $4 shallow diving shrimp/grub looking thing, happy days!



PS - Congrats on the first Aussie fish, hope you get a lot more!

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