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goldfish quick session teviot....


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well was going to get up at 4 am this morning to go for a bass fish in the albert. only problem was i drank a little bit too much last night , when i woke up at 4 am i was rushing to drive the porcelain bus :ohmy: a quick rethink about driving and i went back to bed :laugh: well woke up again around 8 am quick coffee and brekky and my mate michael and i headed to the local creek for a session! a bit of berley was thrown out and straight away the goldfish brigade was in action! i caught a nice lil one around 45cm , was a good fight amonst the snags. then a short while later michael yells yep i am on, a nice battle on a light out fit and he landed his first carp 50cm+ it was a heavy carp and shock him on the battle they can put on! we only lasted about 45mins before the sun was starting to bite and needing water well called it quits with a goldfish each and michael with his first and pb carp! 1-20091114.jpg


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