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DH or RC.


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Missus says DH I tend to agree.

A couple of months ago when the bass season opened i went for a yak at Youngs crossing and couldnt locate my camera a few days later. I assumed I had lost it after having a " good" look around the house and in the car.

Brought another one from USA.

This morning I was cleaning up some of the junk out of the ute and suddenly remembered .

Lifted up the carpet under the seat and there was the camera.

I didnt want to take it with me in the yak and was a bit nervous about leaving it in the ute so I hid it.

Wife is happy as she also now has an olynpus sw camera.

What do you think DH or RC ?.


DH Ray

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fishingnut wrote:

neither alzheimer's mate ya gettin old! BUT your only as young as the sheila your hanging on to

Are you suggesting we treat them like a car and upgrade to a newer model every 3-5 years.

Be a bit wearing, like continuous puppy training :laugh:

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