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Thursday was Golden (Trevally) Pt 1


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I spent this week at Bargara.

I arranged to go on a charter with Paul Dolan from Fraser Coast Sport Fishing out of Hervey Bay.

So at 4:30am I collected my brother-in-law from Childers and off we went.

The weather was pretty good as we headed out to Paul's secret spot #1, a large hole in the middle of nowhere.

I got busted off once due to line wrap and dropped one more.

My brother-in-law landed a small Brassie and a small mackerel.

They weren't coming too fast and we were thinking about moving on and then my line went spastic.

After a half hour fight, including three chases with the boat, I landed this Golden Trevally.


Paul doesn't carry a brag mat or scales but we figured that this fish went about 130cm long and it was friggin heavy.

A definite PB.

A top day fishing for sure and I would thoroughly recommend a day with Paul.

There's more to tell which I will post soon....

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Paul's number is 0407 674 350

He does the Sandy Strait as well as Barra, Bass and Saratoga fishing in the rivers and Lake Monduran.

His website is....

He prefers to take two at a time (sometimes three). His boat is well equipped and a very stable platform for fishing. The day, from 05:30 til 15:30 cost us $620 and I believe it was well worth it.

Please do not hesitate to let him know that Hayden sent you.

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