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well what to do on a saterday arvo


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well of course go hit up a local creek for arvo session .

its been noted that there are a lot of small fish in there ,up to about 25 cm.

so it's time to find out what they are ?

carp ,tilapia,banned grunter ,spangle perch,bass :unsure: or just dam big guppies .

well we will see.

going armed with hand lines ,small hooks ,floats ,bread and garden worms.

will be me ,mad fisho das and some of the kids .

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Same as Sunday Arvo,, work work and then some more work :laugh: maybe followed by morepiss (not sure yet being a tee totaller these days) well this week anyhow :unsure:

Haven't been home much latley,and off again this week and things catch up on ya.

Oh and yea gotta get ready for Monduran next week ;):P

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