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Friday the 13th strikes


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Lets go fishing on Friday the 13th, what a great idea. Im not normally superstitious, but after playing squash on 06/06/06 and having two of my teeth smashed out I should of taken the hint!

Went to the Bulimba boat ramp around 7pm to get some live bait. Managed to get 8 prawns in 10 minutes including 4 massive prawns +-25cm, good start.

Headed down the river towards Hawthorne and setup on the boardwalk. Cast out as far as I could and opened a beer. Saw some fishes jumping by the rocks, so I chucked a small prawn on a size 1 hook attached to a handline and bagged my 1st moses perch (thanks Angus).

23cm on the brag mat, quick photo and dropped him back into the water.

Few minutes later got a massive bite on my rod and zzzzzzzz it went off, the 1st run was 10-15sec zzzzzzz 2nd run went for 30sec plus, it gave me time to collect my net and head down off the boardwalk down the rocks to the waters edge.

This fish did not want to be landed, it fought like a demon possesed. 15 minutes later I got him to the shore and low and behold... a sting ray.. my bottom lip dropped quivered and hit the water as I had grandures of 1m+ thready. Lent over to try retrieve the hook and noticed the ray didnt have a stinger (tail)..is this common?

Well in the process of bending over my iPhone falls out my pocket into the river..of course I dont notice it. Remove the hook walk back to the boardwalk and notice a flashing light in the water...yes please my 2nd phone gets taken by the Brisbane river in a matter of weeks.

Cursing the river I cast out the monster prawn, open another beer and sulk on the bench. And what's land based fishing without getting snagged? So tug tug off the snag I come but manage to hit the rod on the metal railing and snap goes the top 30cm of my favourite and only rod :angry:

Think you could have heard me swearing inside the power house.

Bad things happen in 3's? Yes of course they do, go home wake up early, to watch the beloved Springboks lose..outplayed and muscled to the Frogs.. :(

Man I hate Friday the 13th!!!!!

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dam would have been a good day to stay in bed .

well at least u got a ray and had a few beers.

i seam to have the braking the top 2 eyes ,6 inches of the top of a rod curse this year too.

i mean dam 30 years fishing ,never broke or lost a rod or reel and it all starts to happen this year ,went i decide to spend more than 30$ and go to the 150 $ mark for rod and reel.

i feel your pain brother .

when i broke the tip off in boggy creek ,i almost had 2 deckies jump over board and swim to shore.

i have one of those swearing ,yelling, waving arms about mental spack attack.

but after the release of anger energy and a few beers all was calm again.

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Went fishing the same night in the upper reaches of Bulimba creek. casted my rod out towards some snags only to have the leader braid knot catch in the top eye of my rod ,with the lame ass grip and momentum of the cast I just watched in disbelief my graphite rod and custom suped up abu 6500 jack stopper sinking into the abyss....I was crushed!

17ft of water and devilfish rigged up some heavy sinkers with hooks an started to trawl the bottom so I rigged up to and after cleaning the bottom of plastic bags goon bags and logs. 2 hrs later I finally pulled up what looked to be my braid. It was my baid and as I pulled it my reel was still in freespool so I had to pull all the line of and then up came up my outfit. Luckily about 90% of the braid went back on. rinsed out reel with about 2 liters of fresh water, all good.

Headed back toward the mouth to a deep hole where we have caught shark before and commenced fishing. Got snagged tightened up the dragged ,pull pull and then I said" This snag is coming up." as what ever it was starting coming of the bottom and SNAP. Broke the same rod I had lost earlier that night...GRRRRR!

Then DF got a nice hit with some big runs and headshakes looking very promising when he got braid cut from his drag being to tight or not having put braid on tight enough. reel locked up and snap fish gone. I then got smoked by what I guess was a shark as I felt him crunch my live bait a couple times pick up move off and then bite through my 40lb leader.

got a couple of catties and headed home.

Not sure if I will fish black friday next year.

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BAD LUCK, YES rAYS HAVE AN iq AS HIGH AS A DOG, learn how to handle them and man up, they are very nice creatures and don't deserve to be cut off because somone is too scared they will get attacked.

BTW some have said I have a macho attitude on this forum, this is rubbish, I like to see women, kids and new comers all have a go, nothing macho about me at all, I don't care if you wear pink panties to a fishing comp, its all the same to me.

Best bet would be to try the same spot fishing at the top of the tide them wait for the outgoing.

For live bait it seems live mullet rigged on a 70 cm leader of 30-40 lb test is catching some fish.

learn how to rigg your live prawns, Guarrantee youy will be hauling a meter + in no time.


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i've lost 3 phones now on the water mate, explains why I now only buy $50 boomerangs and nothing flash.

As for the ray without a tail, some tools just have no respect. I nearly threw one bloke of the Vicky jetty for slicin and dicin a ray's tail. Fisheries should put a stop to it.

Better luck next time mate.

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