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friday 13/11 and sat 14/11 fish


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so the saterday fish was local at goodna creek redbank plains.

well we went we fished ,we had a few bourbons .

i looked the spot up on google maps and was amazed it had a name and was a creek ,i thought i was more of a mud hole ,but hey there was fish there.

so its a creek that off the Brisbane river hahaha :laugh:

then some brat kids cam down ,threw rocks etc everywhere.

stirred up the water ,scared the fish off .

then came back in a surf ski and paddled about ,so we went home.

but i have seen the fish with my own eyes now .

between 10 and 20 cm i reckon and i would call tilapia from the shape and colour saw,not carp.

we where getting some good hits but no hookups, hard as hell to hook up being so small.

they where going fairly hard pulling the floats 10 to 20 cm under the water.

bread seamed to be getting more bites than luncheon,no1 bothered to dig some worms out .

we where using very advanced gear.


next try will be worms and them little mosquito fish.kids caught a buck of them for live's .

the big hooks and sinkers.


its the smallest i have ,works for gar so should do the job.

pic of me fishing off the wall ,but i'm not real fond of heights.


on the move to fish off the sandbank in the middle .


the height of the wall was getting to me.

the fisher man waiting for the good bite to strike.


i was amazed he didn't get 1 ,every time i go fishing with him he always get a few fish ,even when no1 else dose.

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well since there was no work friday ,by the time i found out was later in the day .

so went for a fish at kooka 11 to 2 fish.

darrel and sticky got heaps of small caties .

sticky got the best fish of the day a bream .

i got a donut .but was running big hooks and live's .

but i managed to throw the cast net semi decent and got some fish in it .a first for me.

finish this later time up ,got to go birthday bbq at the park for one of the spids.

so while i had some live's out i flicked a few plastics ,off the old wooden canoe ramp.


this kept me entertained while waiting ,since i didn't have any beer to drink.


best fish of the day ,sticky's bream .what a monster hey:)


she wouldn't touch it so i had to hold it.

they caught about 100 of these little annoying buggers .


10 cm big mouth monster cat fish :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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