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The Adventures of YoYo - Meet my mates from NQ


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Greetings Sportsfans, a belated report from North QLD this time around.

I was up there the week before last, getting in some saltwater ans freshwater line-time at Yorkeys Knob, Palm Cover, Barron River and Tully River.

My rich vein of sh*t form in the Salt up there continues, deadset if I was a horse you'd put me down....

But the fresh has always been kind to me and it was no different on this trip. Although i must say, i did have to put in a bit more work for rewards than on previous occasions.

So my mates from NQ all came out to greet me - Jack, JP and Sooty.... :)

That mongrel Barry must have missed the memo, he's elusive up there.... :side:

Full fresh Barron River Jack


Barron River Jungle Perch


Apologies for the 'Blue Steel'... Tully River Sooty





The bite was hot in AND out of the water - everyone loves an SX40!


My mate Sooty...


Back up there again in a few weeks, so here's hoping for some more JP's and maybe a barra. The Tully water level was really low and flow was minimal which is a little unusual, made fishing from one of my spots there difficult as it meant I was quite elevated and with crystal clear water yo ucould sight cast the fish, but they could see you just as easily.... :side: :S

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