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Friday night donut.13/11


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I went out to the pipeline on saturday night, as i havent caught a threadfin before i decided it would be good to get one before the classic.

Got out to the poo pipe, picked up a couple decent size herring.

Went back and threw them out in 12m of water. one got molested a bit and the other was fine.

When they were no longer kicking moved back in and i picked up a gar around 20cm and a mullet around 15cm and a couple more mullet.

moved to a new spot and threw the baits out, around 15m of water.

Overall, no real hits as such. I saw a couple being pulled up and something big bust someone off.

I was wondering if my rig might have had anything to do with it, running about 1.5m of 30lb leader,size 4 ball sinker sitting on top of a 6/0 gamakatsu octopus circle.

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