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Pinkenbar Boat ramp


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Well this is my first offical Report. :D So bare with me lol

Went down this afternoon to Pinkenbar to wet a few lines bait we took was some prawns Servo style and thought i might try my brand new cast net to catch some livies . After about 20 tries i have now got it down pat lol .

Got around 3 small mullets that will do me the other boys were happy with the prawns. So we started on the runout of the high tide and we managed about 3 undersize Bream .

All in all it was a good night with good company .

I'm also chaseing some advice on what set to use when you have livies on . And were we in the wrong area to catch anything ?



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most common way to do small livies is just through the meaty part in front of the dorsal fin above the spine,or go through the lips.

Don`t put in much at Pinkenba,but if I do launch there,before I head off, I like to have a couple of casts on the left(when facing river) of the boat ramp down near the fence that runs to the water,usually pick up 1 or 2 flatties there if the tide is up.

cheers Gad

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