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Light Popper Tackle 1-2 Kg

Mr FeLiX

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Afternoon to all,

I'm thinking of getting back into surface lure fishing as I love the visual aspect, and was wondering if anyone would have some suggestions as to what gear to use. My current Shimano outfit is getting a bit old in the tooth and has been cut down to the 2nd guide due to a mate who 'didn't see it' and plonked his rear end on top of it in the back of the commo.As such, it's lost the ability to flick light and U/light lures a good distance.

On my last visit to BCF, i found what i thought would be a good topwater rod in the Shimano 1-2 Kg Sahara stick. Does anyone have any experience with these sticks? Also, I'm after a small eggbeater that will comfortably hold 2-4 Pnd braid and give good distance casting ultra light topwaters and S/Ps.

I'm thinking of switching to Braid also, as I prefer to have good contact with the lure but I'm not too sure on brands...Anyone?

Also, flurocarbon or mono leaders? i've heard fluro sinks and so isn't a good option for a leader when using topwater lures.

last but not least, does anyone have some suggestions on some good topwater lures? Stickbait or poppers.

P.s... Target species will be whiting, bream, maybe bass in the fresh...Etc.

Good Fishing

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