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NPD 15/11/09 Sumbody new sumthin.


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Had arranged to go to NPD this morning with Ryan Young and another decky who shall remain nameless.

The other Decky pulled out at 4pm yeaterday just as I was about to go out to Kedron RSL for a meal and show.Go the songbirds!

Quickly had a look at who was currently on line and tried to contact to see if interested in a trip as he had gone with me before. No unable to come. Tried someone else who was on line but wasnt answering his phone.So message left.

Got home midnight and PM saying he couldnt come either.

Got up 3 am and saw someone else on line so quick pm and he couldnt come either.

( Cant really blame him I would have said get stuft also)

Launched around 5.30 after having a bit of a chat with Des and a few regulars at the gate.

Had a preview of the catch cards for yesterday and thought these mugs are hopeless we will show them a thing or two.

Went straight to shrimp traps and only 3 shrimp in three traps.

( Should have gone home)

Troll ed around in a couple of spots that were hot 2 days ago and nothing. Ryan did get one hit that didnt hook up.

( Should have gone home)

So of to the bait fishing spot.


( Should have gone home)

Spent another hours fruitlessly trolling and bait fishing at another previously reliable spot and trolled all the way back to the ramp.

Real nice day with near perfect conditions but the fish just were not hungry.

Thanks for the company Ryan sorry about the donut. At least you got a few redclaw to take home for a snack.

Reckon the other blokes musta have known sumthin.

Looked at catch cards and 6 other anglers on water and only one of them recorded catching 2 bass.( AFO member Basslegend who took his smick looking new/old boat for its second run)How about some photos and a story Glen????



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