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PB Bream avatar photo


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Ive had a few enquiries about the bream in my avatar photo so I have posted a better pic.

this fish is my PB it is approx 49cm though not accurately measured it was caught last summer beating my previous PB caught in the tweed in 1981. I have to thank shayned for the capture and the pic. A few days previously we had a very good session on some nice bream on the edge and surface at another location. Shayne phoned me and said he had seen two very large bream feeding on the surface at a spot I had not fished for 4 years and they were larger than the fish we had encountered on the last trip. This got my attention as there were a few 40+ fish caught that day. I dragged the kayak into this spot for a donut but came back later and caught this fish. For those that way inclined it was caught on a G Loomis 8200s Daiwa Airity 2000 3lb stren microfuse and 3 lb harris leader 1/40 TT HWS Gulp 2in worm.

Regs Steve yellow_fin_bream_50_AFO.jpg

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Feral wrote:

Did you ever go back looking for his brother Steve? The other photo with him diagonal across the 20 litre esky he looked even bigger!

Yes mate had a few goes at the other one but no luck. Shane also (I think he is still a bit miffed thanks again Shayne)

Thats the same fish in the esky photo 80 litre esky it does look bigger though.

When I first saw it in the water I couldnt believe the size of it.

Regs Steve

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lt obvious wrote:

Excellent fish! Just as a matter of interest, how long did that one take to get in?

I have no real idea how long it took.

There was one tense moment when it went around a snag and I had to manouver the yak around it paddling with one hand and the rod in the other to clear the line.

I think it got just as big a shock when it saw me as i did and took off down deep I played it very carefuly back to the yak till it was pretty well worn out as I dont use a net and could not beleive the size and weight of it when I comfort lifted it.

Regs Steve.

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