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Bulimba or West End - Day off Monday


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Should have checked for posts prior to heading off at 3am this morning...

Ended up going to Bulimba, arrived just before 4am. Had about a dozen or so big arse king prawns that had been in the freezer too long so took them with me. Put a whole one on the heavy set up line and set about casting for livies. After a few different attempts and throwing bread in to attract something, I gave up with a nice tear in the net to boot.

Just after 4.30 my heavy line got smashed - only a short run then gone. Not sure if it were threadie or bully but going by the fact the 60lb leader was almost cut through I'm thinking bully? Don't know but it was a big hit. About an hour later, another big hit but again no conversion.

After that it all went very very quiet. Heaps of small bream around picking my light set up to pieces but I couldn't even land one of those!

Brother in law joined me at about 9am and we persevered for another hour before pulling up stumps and heading to Colmslie.

Only took the light set up with me and a very similar story to Bulimba. Few small bites and plenty of gar (i think) around but nothing worthwhile. At 11.30 we decided to call it quits and tossed the remaining bait off the jetty. Just as I did that my rod almost went for a swim. The rate at which line was screaming off I thought for sure it was something decent i.e. a threadie however it soon became apparent that it was a bloody ray - a very large ray at that. Manoeuvred it around to the steps to try and retrieve the hook but as soon as it got near it would just take off again - sure it would have been a good 3ft not including the tail. Gave up on that and just cut the line :(

Anyway, least it was some excitement on an otherwise highly uneventful trip to the Brissy River - beats going to work though! Not sure where we'll end up setting up next weekend now - maybe it'll be a different story at night, we shall see I guess...


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