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Getting in a couple more BRC Pre-fish sesssions..


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Well.. how am i feeling? very sad panda. To sum up the night 'sad panda' bored and went with a few mates to brekky creek/newstead park area to gather live-bait.. nothing around 3 prawns, 1 herring and a squid

Went around the corner and setup a paternoster rig with the live herring and soon later zzzzzz stop ( i waited patiently as i know not to strike too early now ) zzzz stop.. nibble nibble zzzzz stop .. bigger zzz so i cant stand it anymore and strike. Whatever is on the end isnt running much but takes short sharp runs pulling drag out on the way in, what surfaces? .. 40cm ray and the tail goes out to 90cm

On goes the live squid (no idea how to rig them help please?) and 10-15 after zzzzz.. lift rod and strike for a fish that just feels like a big weight but takes a couple short runs. Up comes a cattie and once on the brag mat reads 47cm, quick photo and its back into the drink

Squid is all there still so it goes out again and after 20ish mins the best bite of the night - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZ.. i tighten the drag a little + strike and its still running. I can see the black backing on the reel so i have to tighten the drag again and then suddenly nothing.. i almost shat my pants thinking how did i lose this thing? i kept pressure etc etc so i wind in more and the weight is there again - DAMMIT THE FISH IS RUNNING TOWARDS ME?

I want to tire the fish out before it comes close so it wont be too much of a hazard near snags etc.. so i wind in faster and faster as its coming to me and before i know it, its gone really far to my left under the jetty im fishing off.. i try to turn its head around but its not budging much and soon as i start to wind i just feel a sharp tug on the line and the weight is completely gone *insert sick feeling into stomach* I've once again f*cked up a fish that at that point had been on for 5mins + (mate was recording) ... so i wind in the line and my leader is literally grinded into halves - after the blood knot onto my 3-way swivel, theres the end of the blood knot then the 30lb mono is split into 2??

Anyone got any ideas what it was? Jew/Threadie? sigh.. slowly learning after each stuff up but feels so crap >< Then a friend stepped on my rod tip and snapped it but it was a cheapo rod so i didnt care but this kinda added insult to injury

So i was just sitting chilling for a while reminiscing and feeling sad panda when my mates rod goes ape-sh!t!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ we scoot over the ~8m from where we were sitting to the rod - he picks it up and a feels a big tug then snap. First thought awww line snapped but when i looked down, HE GOT SPOOOOOLED! HAHAHAHA 200M of 10lb mono gone!

So we re-rigged everything, got a mate to look over our gear and threw the cast net again for a while - got nothing 1 herring.. rest of the night no bites so packed up and went home and here i am

So the internal debate - stick with 30lb mono for the BRC? - NO! gonna look for leader so what do you recommend?

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