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SSAA National E-alert To Help Their Sport


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Came across this article in Sporting Shooters Oct09 issue.

The full article can be read in the Australian Shooter Magazine October 2009

Article on page86 SSAA National launches E-alert

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia is launching "E-alert".This initiative will allow its members to subscribe to an e-mail service for its members to be politically pro-active for their sport.

The idea of the E-alert initiative is to alert members to current polls and articles of interest relating to their sport.

Among many things,this service will enable its members to personally react as quickly as they can, to the deliberate spread of misleading and false information in the public domain by individuals and groups who oppose their interests and legitimate recreational pursuits.

The idea of this is to encourage members to become politically proactive from the comfort of their computer or internet-browsing mobile phone.

Like the recreational fishos,the sportshooters are being constantly vilified by groups who receive "unchallenged" negative-bias media coverage.

cheers Gad

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