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size limit on jewies in the river


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while fishing you should have something to measure your catch and if you don't know the sizes or fish id throw it back otherwise you can get stung 2 ways 1; the authorites will fine you and confiscate your fishing gear or 2; you eat it and its poisonous . so know or throwdjc9 wrote:

damn, held on to a 57cm one last night cause i had no idea, just thought he looked relatively big enough. have taken note for future reference.


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yeah was a bit of a shame, i like sticking to the rules. haha had only really been catching bream so just got a bit excited to score a much larger fish. do many get to over the 75cm mark in the river or do they usually head to the bay when they have grown? was on some site with heaps of photos of ones caught in the maroochy river and most were 45-60cm.

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this season has seen a heap of jew in the 50-70cm range, we've caught 3 or 4 legals to over 30 u/s over the past couple of months (including a corker at about 8cm long haha)

most of these fish have been downstream of the gateway but at the start of winter around july if i remember correct i got a few legals upstream around newstead reach. have not really fished that area more than once or twice since though.

i'm also aware of at least one m+ in the middle reaches this season

the jew in the 50ish range are spread widely throughout the system, the bigger ones are less common but there are definately a few around. however we've found it can be difficult to target them on lures as when you find a school the rats generally climb all over it first

look for light pools the jewies often cruise in the first couple meters under the surface under the lights

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Just think of the cracker jewies that will be around in 2 or 3 years , alot of undersize now , but with the new limits - which I was actually against - everyone will be catching the stonkers now the population has time to grow and populate the systems....in hindsight - its a good idea for the future opportunities it will provide...now if everyone will just read the rules , or they start policing them better...but hey , we can only hope others learn by your mistake being posted here...

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well now u know djc9.

i won't off about a under size fish taken .

hands up who in the whole haven't taken a undersized fish ,either by mistake or not knowing the rules or new rules .if u say u never have ,well......................

every1 makes mistakes .

but the the authorities will nail u .

so u can get the ,recreational fishing rules guide at most tackle shops .also its on line .

measure a fish a 5$ tape measure will do .

BCF have a plastic card 10$ ,fisherman's guide ,current rules and colour pictures .i find this very handy.

also there is the: the great outdoors tide guide .with fish info and sizes etc too.

good handy little book for 5 $.

i got a small jew at DFO pontoon :)last year .so they are all over the river i guess.

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