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Wanted: advice on 2 person yak


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I have had a tempo 2 - they are heavy and hard to manouvre out of the water , don't paddle well solo either - but they are stable and a solid unit...

I have also had an ocean kayak malibu 2 , can't fault it , great quality , stable , paddles great solo as it has a middle seat area , has quality carry handles and can be moved around by one person and handles a treat on the water even in moreton bay chop..really highly recommended...look up muirs marine at manly and go see them as they have a great looking oceans colour in stock and have a good xmas sale on with up to $200-00 off some ocean brand kayaks , pretty sure you can snazzle it up for under a grand...I was going to buy it myself just today but some bills came in the mail that are more important , so picked up a pacific angler single seater instead , tell them Rob mentioned this to you and you hope to get a good deal on some paddles and seats as well..see Brian or Jason....cheers

ps...I have no affiliation bar the fact they looked after me very well and they are a great local store...well local for me

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