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tallebudgura report


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g-day me an my mate tobyMJ decided to head down tally for the weekend. saturday fishing was a bit slow only catching a few bream but landing a good size tarpon. sunday we decided to sleep in so we got on the water around 12:00 pm, early that afternoon we caught some nice whitting around 30cmfl and some small trevs, as it got dark we noticed some bust ups so i had a cast and.....BANG!!! i had hooked a nice size tarpon the action went on for 10 mins hooking about 10 fish but only landing one. on the way home we fished our way out of the canal, we caught 25 bream between us and toby catching this awesome 34cmfl bream.






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Tarpon on plastics! WOW DUDE!!

They are so hard to land!! I had a cracking little sesh just behind Dreamworld/Marine centre area and hooked up about 10 times to tarpon and only landed one, they are the master of throwing hooks. Did you use hard bodies/treble hooks?

I will need to get down there soon I think,,,,,

well done cracking sesh! :laugh:

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