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Played the Ebay Braid Lottery and won!


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Well was tooling about on Ebay last week and came across the usual suspect ebay braid ad. Noname (sorry Rob)braid off Ebay is either good or crap, no in between. (I bought a spool of 6lb once, on a full 2000 series reel I could spool myself on the cast it was that thick!, yet another lot is still on one of my spinning reels 3 years later performing perfectly)

Hmm 2 minutes to go, no bids, $15 postage. Needed some heavy line for an empty spinning reel I had lying around for the kids to shark / thready fish with.

Was feeling lucky, they actually specified a real line thickness (not an equivalent to "jarvis walker mono" line size like some well known brand names do) So I figured it was worth paying $16 for a lotto ticket, (and won the auction for 95 cents plus the $14.95 postage.)

Well it arrived from Hong Kong today, only a week since I bought it, and be buggered it looks to be quite a good thin braid! Nice and thin, supple.

To good for the kids, I'll have to put it in the back of the cupboard until I decide what to do with it!


Just bought a 300m spool of their 10lb for $15 oz delivered.

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badboygibbo wrote:

What line thickness is good/thin for the 40lb normally?

What thickness was specified on the ad?


Well line size quoted was 0.32. So it pretty much makes it idenitical in size to fireline of the same size. When compared to a good quality braid (IE one that is actually known to be thin), like spiderwire or Berkley Whiplash its quite thick, that diameter spiderwire would be about 80lb breaking strain, that diameter whiplash would be about 100lb. So I am not talking that good! But still quite thin for Ebay noname braid.

One of these days I'll try and remember to stick a few different types of braid on the Vertex at work (Its an optical measurer used for calibrating sieve mesh)to see what thickness it really is.

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Well I never did get to use any of the braid, between Clawhammer and Ellicat at Monduran it all got given away!

Reports from both were that it worked well.

The seller reckon he is only maintaining these prices for the first month of his business on Ebay (who knows?) but he still has some good buys if anyone else wants to play Ebay Lottery. He also sells 100m spools for about $8.25 (Buy it now) Australian delivered, so if your a "Backing on your reel" kinda guy, its cheap as chips for smaller size reels

For example


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