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Bris River Fishing


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Hey all,

Had a few spare hours this arvo went to kooka park,no go,no bites so went down to the junction where brissy and bremer meet Joseph brady park ,pretty strong current, had some good bites but lost them (couldve been bits of wood ),stayed there for 35-40 mins then went to colleges crossing tide was on the way out was using a no.6 red mustard hook with a whole cooked peeled prawn had a few nibbles and no fishies so i down graded to some cheap no.2 hooks from crazy clarks and using the last inch of the tail of the prawn had heaps more bites and managed to score a little bream or pearch was only about 16-17 cm's so i chucked it back for another day,whilst there some kids saw a dark submerged object floating slowly down the river and were throwing rocks at thinking it was a shark or something ,their mum was there also and was worried it might have been a shark also as wood usaully floats on top of the water and was very concerned that her boys(they wanted to go swimming) didnt go swimming(there are plenty of signs posted of the dangers of swimming in the area)any way about half hour later there were about 4 or 5 kids up stream with a cast net up to about a meter in depth of water trying to get fish bait,with what looked like grand ma looking on ,i was going to say something but thought i would be told to ef off so i minded own bis and left shortly after.All in all apart from that was a good few hours out.

Alan PIC00035_AFO.jpg

Whilst at kooka park spotted a few lizzards,unfortunately wasnt the water based ones PIC00025_AFO.jpg

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