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imported boats


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When adding up the cost don't forget to add in the cost of new gelcoat, reupholstering/recarpeting, and somewhere to store it. There are quite a few american boats that don't last in our conditions like we expect them too. If you are able to store them completely under cover then you may not have drama. However if left out in the elements they can quickly deteriorate. I have seen 18mth to 2yr old imports look worse then 30yr old Australian boats. It would also pay to check that the fittings are stainless steel and not nickel plated brass.

Thats not to say you won't get one that lasts forever, but you may have some issues.

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My neighbour imported a stryker from usa a couple of years ago. He actually went over there rather than trust an agent to purchase for him.

There were a few hidden issues that he wasnt aware of.

He brought his boat over as deck cargo. Paid a fair bit to have it steam cleaned and inspected and then plastic wrapped for the trip over.

The plastic wrapping got torn during unloading so he had to have it all redone over here. Cost him a few grand from memory.

He also had to do a lot of work on the trailer so that it met australian standards. New hitch,draw bar,break=-away brake system and replace wheels and tyres.

He sold it within 12 months and reckons he made heaps on the deal.

He is just about to start the process again.



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