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new model ocean kayak


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I happened to be down at the boat ramp near the old caravan park at Hemmant this arvo and there were 2 blokes with a new ocean kayak, straight out of the container having a play in the creek.

It had a hatch like a profish but a bit smaller that housed a battery and in the rear cargo well was a short minnkota and the power control was a dial in the middle between your legs, and the rudder was a traditional foot operated one with a twist and stow mechanism(like the hobie one)

Looked the goods, much better than the peek-a-boo IMO.

It was very stable when standing up too and was much narrower than my outback. Mobile phone pics didn't work, but its a great looking bit of kit. Just got to talk Nickers into an upgrade, so I can borrow it :woohoo:

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