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Marina for Cabulture River


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This I got off another site,hope it`s ok.

Does any one know more

GREEN MY AR*E Saturday 07 November


This story appeared in the Courier mail on Friday in what appeared a section to promote the GREEN credentials of the BLIGH, Labor govt & Moreton Shire council. How destroying 7.5 KILOMETERS of PRIME ECO SYSTEM in the CABOOLTURE river & Deception Bay can in any way get a tick of GREEN approval is beyong belief. This would be 1 of the most important marine nursuries & bird & wildlife habitats in the BRISBANE/MORETON/ DECEPTION BAY REGION. How much silt is going to be put into the sea as a result of digging up what is basically very fine soil. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL COUNCIL/ POLLIE & LODGE YOUR OBJECTION. TELL THEM WE ARE FISHERS & WE CARE.


Caboolture river.jpg EDIT sorry the picture of the site and developers comments did not come up

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Its not prime ecosystem, its old cane farm turned in to forestry plantation, which has now been cleared bare for about 4 years. Part of the proposed site is the old Caboolture River Boat Club grounds - we had 45 acres there until the Forestry company kicked us off around about just before the initial application was made. (Strange that)

More the worry is the dredging of the river, its only about 12 foot deep in the main channel in a lot of places, most of it will have to be dredged to allow the Marina.

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thanks Feral,

I `ve just been digging on the net trying to get real facts, not government/developer spin.

Like you said the real concern seems to be the dredging,there was hinting of a 3km long channel out into deception bay

cheers Gad

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The Marina has been on the cards (as well as huge upgrades to a civic center and infrastructure ro Caboolture) for ages. Its planned for like 2018 or something ages away like that.

Cant remember why but was scanning over the actual plans for ages while working in real estate, and then again while looking at future berths when working for Riviera Syndication. I think PEET Ltd might have been doing the developement, or at the least the Residential element to it and Star Marina's may have been handling the Marina. But dont quote that as the memory is a little rough.


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Fri, 06/11/2009 - 10:46am

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a $628 million business, marine and residential precinct near Caboolture has been given conditional approval by Queensland Coordinator-General Colin Jensen.

The site is four kilometres east of the Caboolture town centre, bounded by the Bruce Highway to the west and by the Caboolture River to the north, with about nine kilometres of direct river frontage.

Infrastructure and Planning Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said he was advised of Mr Jensen's evaluation report, which concluded the project's environmental impacts could be managed with conditions.

The project will also be subject to approvals under the Integrated Planning Act 1997/Sustainable Planning Act 2009 including:

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999,

Marine Parks Act 2004, and

Fisheries Act 1994/Fisheries Regulation 2008.

"This proposed development will support a range of business and industry uses integrated with commercial, retail, residential, recreation and environmental areas.

Member for Murrumba Dean Wells said the proposed marina component would accommodate 911 wet berths and a dry boat storage facility will provide further accommodation for 300 to 500 boats.

"Through the 15-year development phase of the project, up to 1500 new jobs are expected to be provided, with a total of more than 13,600 direct full-time jobs provided in the operational phase.''

Coordinator-General Colin Jensen said the existing water quality of the Caboolture River estuary was poor (rating D-), and the proposed development had potential benefits for improving it over the long-term through the best practice management of stormwater inflows and the rehabilitation of 150 hectares of wetland and riparian areas, including about 25 hectares of marine plants on the project site.

"I have determined that on balance there is a significant positive net benefit to the community from the development of the project and that it can proceed, subject to a number of specific conditions to manage its design, construction and operation," Mr Jensen said.

The six-week public review of the EIS drew 29 submissions.

The Coordinator-General's final report will now be forwarded to the Federal Department of the Environment for the Federal Environment Minister to assess matters of national environmental significance.

For more information, visit www.dip.qld.gov.au/projects/agriculture/land/northeast-business-park.html

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