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Ever done something crazy?! Scoping mission!


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With my boat motor shitting itself after just 17 hrs I have had the sulks on all week. So there I was sitting on the couch after visting Comslie to register and take the hounds for a run, the missus was sick of me huffing and puffing so she said just go...go get lost!

I have never done a trip down the upper Brisbane River so the trailer was packed and ready to go within and hour. The missus dropped me off at the Pine Mountain Road at 4:30pm and with a nervous wave I headed off.

About 1km downstream there were fish boofing everywhere and I tied on a spinner bait and aimed at some snags, third cast I was on!!! :woohoo: I can't believe how hard bass pull for their size and this was just a little guy. I hooked a couple more just on dark all litle ones but I was stoked to get some fish.

Now over the next 5 hours I would be pushed to my limits.....I won't be doing this again for a while. I fished on till about 8:30 casting a jitter bug without any hits, I found a family fishing off the bank and noted it was a good place to camp but the ol one last cast got me.....got me good!

I wasn't paying much attention and next minute I had slipped over some rapids that I vowed I wouldn't and there was no turning back. Down the yellow brick Batty went and over the next few hours I found myself dragging a very heavily laddened kayak over shallow rapids in the pitch dark, this didn't phase me cause I spent a lot of time in the bush back in my army days in South Africa but this is in the dark on the water with no gps, no idea where I was going! I thought oh well there will be another spot to camp around the corner..yeah right..... eventually after 4 hours of hard core yakking in the dark I came accross a little bridge. I tied up the yak and dragged my aching body onto the bridge. I had visions of myself being one of those idiots that needs saving on the news. (I lost my camera overboard!!!! :angry::angry: )

I got the tent up and drifted off with the sound of fish boofing insects off the water.

The next morning 4am I was up and rearing to go! I hadn't caught a fish on my awesome Pluton rig so on went the spinner bait and with heaps of snags about I took aim. 2nd cast perfect landing and holy mac I was on. This fish took off and I caught a glimse of the tail and I thought this was going to be a cracker......after two decent runs up she came and I couldn't believe it was a dirty fckin catty!! I christened my Pluton on a catty! :angry: Ha, I didn't have to wait to long when bang the spinner bait was hammered again...this time there was no question it was a bass....35cm to the fork...stoked!!! (Got a pic with my phone..put it on tomorrow)

I covered 20km all up, 8 of those in the pitch dark, I arrived to see my dogs and missus waiting with pizza and beer.

What I will say is that we live in an awesome place! All up I got 8 bass, 2 catty's... truly an epic adventure in my book.

;) Batty


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nice! I've been wanting to do a trip like that along the upper part of the logan river as well.

Is the upper brisbane river all state land or are parts of it private land? coz one of the issues I was thinking over was the possibility of unintentionally trespassing on someone's land when coming to the bank for a rest or an overnight camp.

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Sometimes the unplanned, don't think about it trips turn out to be some of the best...can go wrong to but in this case it went well.

Paddeling in the pitch dark was freaky as I spooked a couple of huge fish next to the yak. The moon was only a sliver so my night vision was very poor...and the bugs...oh man the bugs! I am sponsored by Aerguard now and will be glowing for a week!

Thank goodness for that little bridge that appeared out of nowhere, it was a huge relief as I was really pooped.

The fishing was tough, three bass and a catty were taken from casting the rest were on the troll, so very spread out.

I definatley want to do it again with some other yakkers over two full days, I think the distance was managable but I had to keep moving as time was not on my side. I wasted a lot of time staying in one spot fishing, maybe pick a spot to camp out and concentrate my efforts around that area...might be a better way to go.

All up it was a huge adventure into the unkown!


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Hey Bommie

Cool, yes I will def like to do it again with someone that knows the area. I must say that the twin bridges area did look really fishy and I noted lots of boofing off the top water.

I will give you a hoi next time I am thinking of doing it. A canoe would be fantastic in the shallow rapids as my mirage drive copped a few knocks in the shallow stuff, I just find canoes hard to paddle to cover distance on the long stretches. Maybe wait for some serious rain and then head down?

Anyway I really enjoyed myself!

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Thanks mate!

Yeah it was a mini epic!

I gave my missus the hard word....shape up or ship out baby cause this is what I love doin! Don't like it....see ya!

Naa she is pretty good and lets me do my thing most of the time.

but yeah being single has its perks to just get up and go!!!


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