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BRC 2009 - Photo's Please!


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MOC wrote:

That cattie must have been close to the top 3.

4th actually - thanks for asking.

about the 50th one I caught, along witht the 2 rays

3 catty's all 59cm, more around the 38-44 range.

all that effort and not a "proper" fish to show for it, and a bit of sunstroke to top it off. :blink:

awesome times though!

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wittyfishin wrote:

looks like it was a great week end had by all

pity we couldnt make it this time but we will be next year for sure

does any one if there is a web site that shows all fishing comps that are on.

Due to differnet allianves and aggendas etc It would hard to find one website for "all" fishing comps.

However we encourage anyone to add comps, events etc into our online calendar as we dont feel we are at competition with anyone the way ours are run.

This is a reponse to your post wiityfishin but also an invitation to anyone out there that may be affiliated with any other comp organisers or one themselves.


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Bush n Beach and QFM usually have a calendar of events towards the back of each issue. Thats probably the easiest way to find a list of comps without searching through lots of different sites. The AFO comps are always well publicised in advance, so keep an eye out here for them.


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was a great weekend,though i was out of my comfort zone! was the 1st time for me to fish in the brissy river..

after casting for some bait fergie and i tried chasing threadies to no avail :angry:

we caught a alot of catfish along with every one else...fergies biggest was 62cm (later realised i had deleted the pic opps :unsure:)

but he ended up getting 3rd place for his 60.8cm :)

my biggest was 60cm..

caught a couple undersized bream,a few shovel nose sharks,an eel and some undersize moses perch :huh: ..

went in search for some lizards also to no avail :(

we stayed in the water from 10 am saturday till bout lunch time sunday,it took a few hours for me to stop swaying :lol:

all in all had a great weekend,was pretty relaxing cruising around the brissy river,specially since our kids were babysat.

was great putting names to faces and having a few chats

looking forward to the next comp..

thanks angus and johnny for organising a great comp!

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Devilfish and I didnt compete in the BRC unfortunately had to work Sat morn and neices bday party Sun arvo. Managed to get out for a fish Sat night in a secret spot in a creek that comes of the river and out of the wind. Got a double hookup of threadfin mine ran around the anchor rope wich I lost whilst fumbling for the torch as I couldnt see from which way it had wrapped itself. Normally this wouldnt be an issue as one of us would have the torch because threaddies have a habit of doing this. Anyways DF was of locked in a battle of his own in open water. Some good fish where caught this year will definately compete in next years. Out of curiosity are the creeks that come of the river still classed as part of the river during the BRC?



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