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BRC 2009 Highs and lows


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First off Many thanks to Gus and Johny and all the sponsors another well run comp :)B) and congratts to all the winners and given the conditions well done all who braved the wind :woohoo:

Day 1

Well I think Rummy and myself would have to agree what a disaster :(

We decided that livies were the go BUT neither of us bought servo bait as confidence was high :)

Wrong :blink: We took my boat and straight away had steering probs again :angry: after a bit of bush mechanics we got that sorted and off we went :)

We easily managed the sloppy conditions complimenting our decision to take the bigger boat how wrong we were :S trying to hold close to the poo shoot was near on impossible in the wind :angry: we tried for over 2 hrs to get livies for nothin :angry: so day 1 was called a non event :(

A strange thing did happen when retrieving the boat as I drove on to the trailer it popped off the tow bar :angry: on closer inspection the hitch had been lifted to release (it was down when we left home ????) anyways

Day 2 We took Rummy's boat stink bait on board this time off in search of Livies again :silly:

We did get a few but not as many as we would have liked :( but lets see what happens anchored up @ a known Thready spot and deployed our livies

Rummy got first blood with a ray (tail cut off grr)

Then for one of the Highs Rummys son 3 yr old son Damon who comes out with us a fair bit B) is on with a bit of help from dad to get set up


the battle starts

The little tacker get's into it


and to his credit lands a small but tough ray


he then went on to catch 3 scat and a tiny tailor :woohoo: :woohoo:

Well done young fella

I down sized a rod to see what was cleaning up our bait and scats were the culprit :angry::angry:

Bait was low the wind was high and even the scats buggered off so back to the ramp more bait and a feed of prawns and out we go again :woohoo: checked the crab pots but only a undersized buck and a big Gennie


As a Last ditched effort we hit a drop off we found and woohoo a nice little 42cm cod by yours truely


Ian had some fun with a bigger Ray


and both caught catties, rays but no more keepers :(

Again Well Done young Damon

and thanks to Ian another Adventure enjoyed

Cheers Gaz thanks for reading

Ps Elli aka Brian yeah another Noosa type trip might be in order lol B)

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A big high for me was my 2nd place flatty :woohoo: but the definate low for me and I presume everyone was the bloody wind, if it wasn't for the BRC I wouldve been off the water after the first hour :angry: Another low was having to listen to my old man sulk about it every 10 minutes, its windy dad GET OVER IT! I do feel for him however, he didn't get a single fish in the boat all weekend :(

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Well it was good to meet so many people. stayed out for the whole duration of the comp.Cant say I can remember any lows only the highs well I suppose when ya got a deckie like Malcolm there was never and I mean never a dull moment. loved saterday night rafted up with the boats of Tugger/mooky,noname(go the haines),Ellicat (and the force), travis and myself/ Malcolm 5 boats rafted together up at breaky creek.Loved the idea of pizza rob ,thanks again travis for going and getting them.

Malcolm in fine form fishing "apparently"


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