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I pinched this of Henry's post of tow car hunting, after seeing photos of Davo's muddy 4b. I thought I'd start a post instead of ruining henry's.

I love my 4b, its a 2000 mod GU Nissan Patrol dx4.2. Non turbo (don't need it :P ). Its got all the bells and whistles, 6 inch suspension lift, drop shackels, adjustable panard arms, front airlocker, shimmed back diff (leaf sprung GU diffs, strongest on the market) extracters, 3 inch exhaust, snorkel and much more! Anyway I'll be a show off, here's two photos!


This is the creek after coming down the hill climb, under the highway at ripley (there's some wild hill climbs in there)


This one is at DI. Showing off while waiting for the tailor to come on the chew!

Show us your 4b!

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nice :)

i'll try and find my best pic's .

i have heaps of pics and video .paradise road area ,redbank plains /collingwood park /swanbank ,inskip and down to tewantin, a few times .good fun.

mine is a old 1984 , FJ 60 series landcruiser ,2 F petrol motor .

its old and worn out .

have to replace and fix part on it a bit,the old seals and surfaces are worn and water get in everywhere .

but its ok .

as i flog the crap out of it ,i have a bad habit of taking here swimming and trying to use her as a boat .but i luv her .

the taco goes to 4500 ,4000 is where the red starts .i have had the taco off the clock ,many time ,playing in the mud .she just keeps running ,tough old girl.

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burger93 wrote:

Nice rig mate .Starting to look around my self for my 1st 4wd or car for that matter.Its hard to find a half decent hilux or crusier under $7500.Might have to have a look at the auctions.

Cheers sean

Theres plenty of decent fourbies for around 7g. Have a look on outerlimits4x4.com forum, for sale section you should find something!

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I dont do any hard core bush N beach stuff like you other guys I only use 4B when I need it.Ive set my Gu up specificly for towing huge weight(3.9 tonne). My spring sets havnt got the articulation that most 4B's have got so I don't do any vicious 4wheel driving just mild beach work towing up to fraser and camping. I have made my ute set up to suit beach camping and fishing.I made a hard top camper for my ute so I can still tow a boat. Under the tray I fitted 280ltr air tanks with compressor as well as a 120ltr staino water tank which gets presurised by an air source at 120 psi so showers and washing the boat down at camp aint a problem with that presure. I also made an alluminium cooking station that swings out from the rear of the car with cooker, sink with running water, cutlery draws etc. added long range fuel tanks total capacity 310 ltr of diesel


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rastus wrote:

That camper unit is epic how much$$ for one or did you retrofit one from a box trainer

mate I made the lot in my shed in my back yard It's ally hard top and the canvas tent folds up using the same methods that of a boat bimini with side clears thats where I got the idea from. I made the camper 4 mtrs x2.5mtrs It has a king double and a king single bed up top.I had a few teething problems in the design but I fixed all that (took a crash coarse in sowing :laugh: :laugh: mainly to under stand a bit more about the does and donts about canvas work and made the camper part for around the $1000.


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Mick your gu is sweet. Mine was set up, suspension wise for weed spraying originally and used by the GC council, 9 pack. Anyway thats all long gone. I am thinking of just putting a canvas canopy on the back and putting a bed in there and plumbing underneath, sink, water, stove etc. I like your pressurised tank setup, bloody good.

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