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Tips on Fishing in Noosa


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Well this weekend is going to be exciting - picking up a boat in Noosa and a weekend fishing!!!

I have not fished up there before and am wondering where the best places to fish are.

We will be targetting whatever we can within the limits of the river (mouth westwards) but would really really really really love a Jack!

Plan on using lures, livies (any tips on where to get those too would be great) and SPs

Thanks Guys !!!!

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Generally only go off-shore in Noosa so not much help for you.

Best drop in to Davo's Fish and Tackle and ask Greg what, where and when is biting in the river, also check out the FishingNoosa report.

www-fishingnoosa-com-au (replace the hyphens with full stops).

The weren't a lot of reports, or fish weighed in from the estuary this week. The weather was fine, conditions were as good as they get, but there weren't that many anglers on the water and those who did wet a line were out at first light or towards the end of the day, possibly to avoid the worst of the heat. Flathead were going for live baits on the runout tide down at the river mouth and in Weyba Creek where tailor, bream and the odd mangrove jack were also active. Trevally were responding well to flies around first light at the Munna Point and the Sheraton bridges while whiting were biting at Munna Beach and, as Nambour angler Ron Priddy (above) found on Wednesday afternoon, in the Woods Bays. Ron was fishing from the bank using a live yabby as his draw card when he hooked up with the 600gm fish he's posing with. Apart from that, the odd mangrove jack, bass and flathead were reported on the bite up around the top end of Lake Cootharaba.

On the freshwater scene, the Borumba Dam bass and saratoga were chasing spinnerbaits and Jackalls just past the Eagles Nest while saratoga to 75cm were responding to spinnerbaits at the top end of the Yabba Arm.

Good luck!

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This was last week...

The flathead activity seemed to be concentrated down at the river mouth this week with fresh prawn baits and soft plastic prawn lures doing all the damage on the runout towards low tide. Whiting were biting along the Gympie Terrace stretch and around Munna Beach from the DPI to the Coast Guard. Apart from that, most of the mangrove jack action came from Weyba Creek 'Dazza' from Cooran (above) discovered on Saturday night. Dazza was slow retrieving a Gladiator Prawn lure (with a stinger treble) just before midnight when the 1.8kg 'Jack' he's pictured with slammed it hard. He was armed with a Pfleugar 2kg-4kg rod and a Shimano Sedona 1500 reel loaded with 4lb Fireline and 10lb Berkley Vanish leader. nov0309.jpg

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hi blairv

i have done a few weeks fishing during holidays up noosa. if you want a dynamite live bait for any species up there go down to munna point caravan park on ther stetch of beach (not the spit) at night and should be a full moon this weekend so they will be schooling and throw your cast net or drag a drag net through that part. you will get in your drag net up too 30 river prawns i think they call them or if you are throwing your net which i was a proud member until these blokes came down with drag nets you get roughly 5 a throw. anyway get a few prawns and take them too the noosa sound sand bank or find some snags up weyba and you should get lucky with a jack or some thumper bream and whiting. sp's work well throughout the frying pan and towards the mouth or the river. anyway good luck oh and if you see this boat flying around (slowly) :P giv us a yell


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