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storm king dam .....help


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hey guys,

my wife and i will be staying with some family down at stanthorpe over christmas,

the house we are staying in is only minutes from storm king dam.

I will tow the boat down but cant seem to find a lot of info on fishing this dam.

can anyone give me some tips on where , what and how on this lake,

or are there any other spots close by worth trying.



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some info i found was

you need a boat permit for power boats ( it is free but needed )

(07)46815535 council health and building services only open mon-fri not weekends for permits

stocked with murray cod, yella's, silvers

sip permit all so required

sounds like an interesting dam that i have never seen a report from, lokk forward to your report :)

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Hi Ben, storm king is a stocked dam so you will need your sip, I like this dam as I have gotten the elusive blackfish here. The water is usually dark, trolling boomerangs at the right depth is a certain. Now that it's warming up you'll probably get alot of skiers for a small dam. Other places to fish is in stanthorpe itself(quart pot creek I think it's called) or the Severn river(queensland one not the NSW) that sort of follows the new england hwy out of stanthorpe, there is plenty of little weirs that back up water that hold cod, yellas and blackfish if your lucky, those ausspins big natives are the go here as well as surface lures as there is alot of timber to play around in. There is only one place that is a no fishing zone in this area of the servern towards ballendean, (something hole, I'll find the name and add it). Beautiful country down that way

mmmmmm reflections, Severn river Qld. IMG_2413_AFO.jpg

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