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Multiple Photo's

Bri The Pom

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Hey Bri, most people use a tool like Photobucket or similar.

I actually dont encourage this however and do encourage a new post for each photo.


Beucase then the photo's are actually stored in the AFO data base and not cyber space.

For example if some long term member who had posted like 500 photo's had a computer problem and their photobucket account went down, every photo they had on AFO would also dissapear as its simply a link to that account.

Hope that makes some sense.


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if u want to put all your pic's in 1 post this works .

i do it ,not sure its a good thing but.

put in your text ,

then your image with the img button

then submit.

then edit and add another image then submit and so on.

seams as long as u add 1 pic at a time ,with a submit and edit it works.

something like this :





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