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Better Pastures prt 2....


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Headed out for an early Bass session hitting the water by 5am and was greeted with near perfect conditions for surface luring. It wasn't long before there was some action with plenty of rat Bass keen to climb on board however there was plenty of failed hookups also so a switch from propbait to kokoda bat was made.

The extra noise from the bat turned on even more Bass and to my surprise some of the better ones to boot! Anyways to cut along story short and leaving out the couple hundred casts etc etc 12 bass were caught and released largest going 37cm,missed a couple of better fish with the bigguns failing to make contact with the lure after explosive attacks.

Also got owned to a snag after reel smoking run by something??

Decided to call it and was home havin brekky by 7:30am.

Overall a top day on the water!!!

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