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Stanley in the canoe


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Hi all,

Just a quick tonight... Dean and I hit up ther Stanley today breaking the Satnley virginity of his canoe. After reading Rockets report and talking with Jimmy we had high hope.

I even went out and bought a couple of spinner baits... not that I knew how to use them and it soon showed.

Well we were on the water around 6.30 and hittin up the snags. We worked hard and weren't having a lot of luck. But I was soon onto a Bass on my baby crank 30... first fish on that lure. Not long after Dean was onto a monster Stanley Bass close to 50 centimetres.

As the day went on it was clear there was going to be no Yellas or Cod for us for the day. As a storm moved through we decided to turn back and stop occassionally on the way. As the storm moved the wind dropped, it clouded over obviously and then we were onto a 4 Bass in 4 casts... and Dean broke in his spinner bait on a Bass, so atleast now I've seen one work.

Any way we ended up with 10 or 11 Bass, we weren't really counting and didn't get many photos today, to busy bashing the snags. None the less it was a great day. I ended upcatching Bass on three different lures... the baby crank 30 an SX40 and a Stiffy Minnow so very happy. Dean got his Bass on a Mal Florence and the Spinner Bait.

I ended up 6 or 7 for the day and Dean 4 or 5...

Man I just love how hard those Bass hit a lure and hard they go... such a rush. Gotta love fishing the Stanley whether on the water or bush bashing, can't wait to get up there again.

We also happened to find Jimmys Mal Florence floating down the Stanley yes the one Dean got his monster Bass on.

We did manage a couple of photos...

The first of the day on the Baby Crank 30


and the release


one of the ponds we fished



I'm starting feel confident now and am glad to have had the chance to fish with Dean and Jimmy up there to show me the ropes... thanks boys.


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The sun was extreme up there and the yellas and cod werent comin out to play :( but I couldnt believe the size of the bass that I caught,was a Stanley pb for me :woohoo: absolutely smashed the lure and peeled line straight away, finding that mal florence was a bonus (thanx Jimmy :P ). Only got a few bumps on the spinnerbaits but will continue useing them as I no they work. Great day great company, thanx Brett :)

Dean ;)

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good work guys, a near 50cm is respectable fish for that water, speaking of spinnerbaits, one of those snags has my favorite ausspin(with a 24ct gold plated colorado blade), I left my tackleback at home and after saving it from a few previous brickings earlier, my luck ran out.

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