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comslie good fish??


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well i went down to comslie on Saturday for a little fish with cast net and hand line, expectations low expecting a herring or two.well was i wrong, got down there after a long walk in the sweltering heat hot! :blush: started of with the net on the beach landing a tiny little flatty and a few crabs nothing huge :( . went up to the fishing pier thing and first cast successes! :laugh: two small little herring after feeding them to a hungry bird i kept casting for 5 minutes catching a few and putting one on my hand line for live bait after 20 minutes of unsuccessful casting a heard a bang of plastic on wood i started pulling my net in then suddenly BANG ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ my hand line almost going over the railing and it spinning madly. :) i quickly tried to slip my cast net off my hand and suddenly all was quiet :blink: . i got over to my hand line "where is all the line?!!??!!!??" :ohmy: i was so upset a herring about 8 cm long being taken by a bigger fish, :woohoo: it must have been huge! anyway going again in a few weeks time hoping for the best(sorry didn't have a camera with me)

cheers nelson

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brissy fish wrote:

bad luck mate, sounds like u could of had a big one..

where abouts at comslie did u go?? im overseas at the moment but as soon as i get back i want to try some new places...

any places wil help thanks.. pm me if want.

better luck next time :)


i was behind the hockey center on the fishing pier type thing but yere it was probably a ray cause it was low tide and not very deep i would say just less than 1m of water


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