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tinny modifications

Zim man

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Hi all

i have a question for the experienced hands on folks out there

How easy is it to add a livewell to a tinny. i have just purchased a 4m hornet wide body and i want to extend the front deck back a bit and havea livewell as a part of the extension.

Also are there any tinny welders on the forum who can do the frame for deck extension and raising the floor 6 inches.?

PM me or reply on the thread.



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rastus wrote:

Hey. You don't awlways have to weld you can rivot onto existing ribs and use gussets. Have a look to see if you are going to need more ribs or if you can pick up an existing one. Post a photo and some more people might have some ideas

Are you talking about pop rivets? Cause if you are...... wouldn't recomend them to any one.why?.... Becuase the inner solid rod of the ally rivet is zinc steel and the grade of ally used for the head of the rivet is not marine grade and oxidization could happen over a short time and spead through the ribs and once this happens ya boat has cancer for life.Another reason is- that the steel rod that pops the rivet, the little bit that stays in the rivet can corrode and drop out of the rivet and it finds its way down to the floor and starts corrosion. plus rivets loosen there hold over time and what you end up with is a very noisy rattly boat esspecialy when idoling (troling for eg.)

First ally boat I had was done using rivets etc. I regret doing it this way as it got corrosion problems from what has just been mentioned.

Really the only way is to weld it.

Alot of ally boat owners do rivet there modifications with out any problems.But boat ownners have to start thinking about solutions for the long term rather than a short term fix .

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Dusky wrote:

Hey Zim man have a look at this thread on NCF, it's Squidgies new boat, might give ya a few ideas!!



Thanks prof, that rebuild is pretty much exactly what i want to do. i will get hold hold of squidgee later on for some tips

Thanks Mick for the advice, welding is what i would prefer to get done.



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