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Shultz Canal 29/11/09


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hi all

bit of a rough day out. started off at 7.30 at the nudgee boat ramp where i was meating joel who was already in the water waiting.

got to our spot at about 8 oclock. started off flicking plastics around picking up on my first cast my pb bream going 35-36 cm's. after about an hour we had caught over 20 legal bream wich were all released. keechie came down around 10.30 but the wind had started to pick up and throwing the net was difficult for shark bait. after a chat and a few drinks i thought that it was time to collect the pots from jacksons creek. said bye to nic after getting him drenched in metre swell in shultz :woohoo: . and i headed off with joel. joel chickened out at the ramp as jacksons is close to the mouth and the swell was unbeleivable. but regardless i needed to get my pots back as they had been put in overnight. well. getting there from the ramp was a pain in the arse. every wave i went over i crashed into the next one resulting in me and the engine getting swamped by water. finally got into jacksons after tackling shallow water getting in. went pretty smoothly until i found the pots. as they where all attached together then sunk when i picked the end one up the current was going in the wrong direction resulting in attempting to extract crabs whilst the pot was being pulled into the water :laugh: after getting them all into the boat ended up with 4 legal crabs :P . went to grab something up the front and needed to move the fuel tank :ohmy: only about a litre of fuel left. and i still had to get from 400 metres past the bridge and the rest of jacksons to go into the wind and current and i was overloaded with crab pots fishing gear and other items. just before i got to the bridge i was thinking how could this get any worse? well it did. here comes the rain :angry: got hammered all the way to the mouth by wind rain this was the pits i was sure this could be as bad is it could get......... i was wrong got just past the mouth of jacksons and there it was HAIL! by then i cracked the shits every peice of hail i hit was a profanity ;) and then the big finally 50 metres before the boat ramp. out of fuel F@RK. removed the oars and rowed to the ramp and finally on the way home. this is where the cleaning part started. i was unaware that there was a mud crab underneath my seat. i went to pull the carpet out and this mud crab locked on to my right thumb :angry::angry::angry::angry: by now i was real pissed off. it through the claw so a few quick snaps and i broke it off with a pair of pliers. it was without a doubt the most painful thing that has happened to me for YEARS. but all in all pretty exciting day and that night was 1.5 kg of chilli mud crab haha will post pictures when i get home.


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