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The Booze Bus


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The Booze Bus

Two indigenous Australians were driving their old Ford Falcon in the

outback recently, when off in the distance they saw a police "booze bus".

Rather than trying to avoid it, the driver headed straight for it. As they

pulled up, the driver wound his window down and said 'G'day, brudder! Two

cans of Emu Export, thanks!'

The copper glared at him and said 'You must be drunk! Get out of the car

and blow into this tube for me!'

The driver said 'Sorry boss, I can't blow in that... I got a letter from

the doc saying I'm asthmatic and I'll pass out if I blow in that.'

The cop smirked and said 'OK - In these cases, we require you to give a

blood sample.'

'Nah, nah - sorry, boss,' replied the driver. 'Can't be doin' that. Got a

letter from the Red Cross sayin' I'm a haemophiliac, and I could bleed to

death if I gave a blood sample. Sorry, boss, can't do that!'

By now the copper was getting very irate, and so he demanded that the

driver provide a urine sample for testing.

The driver shook his head and said 'Sorry boss, can't do that either.'

The copper protested 'Surely you haven't got a letter for that!!!'

'Bloody oath, mate!' says the driver, 'It's from Kevin Rudd, the Prime

Minister of this lovely country of Australia - he's apologised, and says

that you whitefellas can't take the piss out of us blackfellas no more!'

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