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Palm Beach - Beach Fishing this week

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Spent the past week at Palm Beach (11 Ave). Bloody paradise on Earth. Prep'd myself with a number of reports from the AFO site from previous trips and tips. Fished everyday for the past week. Initial plan was to target lizards, but started beach fishing just down from our accomodation and didn't move from that spot for the remaining sessions. I have always been a bit lazy.

Collected live worms each afternoon for the next morning's session. Planty of dart, bream and whiting in the area to keep us entertained. Most prolific were the dart. While most were not huge, they were great on light gear. Biggest went 42cm and it nearly spooled me. There were also an unusual number of small rays in the area and these tricked us a number of times into thinking we had a good dart on.

If anyone wants to get the kids into fishing, this is one hell of a spot. The kids had a couple of great sessions catching these dart. They were in close, and you could count on getting a fish every 1-2 casts. The kids also loved getting the worms.

Sorry no photos of the fishing (but plenty of the usual tourist places

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Have a great week,


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