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Tilapia pictures


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Hi AFOers I have seen there is a lot of interest in Tilapia fishing and a desire to get rid of these noxious vermin. I have seen a lot of good pics posted on the site and was hopeing members could send me any good clear pics of adult fish they may have. This is to help in identifying exactly what species of Tilapia we have. There is some conjecture over exactly which species it is, DNA research is being done at present but good clear pics would be helpful. If you can help please send pics to elops1@yahoo.com.au

Thank you in advance


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Thanks too all those who have sent me pics. I would appreciate any pics of any size fish from any area.

I have received some interesting replies from various cichlid experts I have sent pics to.

So far none of them think it is Oreochromis mossambicus for various reasons, all think it is a Oreochromis species hybrid.

All have various opinions on the mix. But they all suggest that it is probably a hybrid purpose bred for aquaculture.

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