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Straddie for the weekend


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Im heading off to stradbroke island tomorrow to camp for the night at cylinder beach with a mate and his dad. In the day the main focus will be body boarding and just relaxing but at night he says that he wants to do abit of fishing. Does anybody have any recommendations where we should try for a fish in walking distance from cylinder?

Im just bringing light 6lb rods so I'll just hopefully target the dart, bream or whatever else (small and manageable) cruises around the beaches/ rocks at night.

What sort of rigs work better in the waves out there.. A simple rinning rig or paternoster style? Finally, as we wont be gathering live bait of fresh bait for it, what would the next best frozen bait for what type of fish around there?

Thanks alot,


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Hey Paul

If you go straight up to Cylinder Headland from the camp ground and keep going East you will be on Deadmans Beach which has a group of rocks just out of the beach cast around those and if thats quiet keep going east not far at all probs 500mtr and there is more rocks that you can walk on just keep trying all the way along there is heaps of good spots depending on conditions.

I would get some worms even if there frozen they go well and some mullet fillet.

Have fun it's an awsome spot

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