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Good O'l Boggy Creek. Pics attached.


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Got bored a few saturday mornings ago, woke up, drove the wife to work :P

and had nothin to do :( .... so decided... what the hell... Went for a fish at Good Ol'Boggy Creek B) ....yes guys i know it's renowned for its name but hey its loaded with lizards, threadies, bream and muddies.. oh and the occasional snake (not kidding). Tide was running out, sun was shining, wind was gentle and BBBAAAMMM!!!! 10mins into flickin my little smelt on 1/4 jighead, was smashed only 2 meters away from where i was standing!!! not bad i reckon for an hour flickin around.....

sorry bout the first pic.. couldnt rotate it.


my poor smelt took a smashing!!


the one that didnt get away


Proof that smelts work a treat



twins :P

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fisherjack1394 wrote:

nice little session there mate, i would like to get a lizard on a soft plasitc,

good on ya mate,

cheers jacko :)

Thanks Jacko, yeah try the Berkeley Smelt. They're a good softie. Have caught Dart, bream and Mangrove jack on dem.

i have been highly recommended on a lure brand called - Guzzlers..... american brand. apparently they do better than berkeley lures... might try em tonight. :)

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