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3 yak fisho's clean up at the blinker


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Henry wanted to take the boat out, Terry wanted to yak off Caloundra, so we compromised and boated offshore. The S.S.Do was launched from Golden Beach for its first offshore trip before sunrise and there was already a line up at the ramp :angry: Thankfully everyone was on the water quick smart and we headed straigh out to the blinker to bounce some plastics off the bottom and possibly chase pelagics. Sunrise was lovely, apart from this ship dumping a huge brown slick with black sludge all through it :ohmy:


Henry was the first to dodge the dreaded donut, but was a little too excited for my liking



I caught a tiddler next


Then we noticed a bit of this


and the chase was on.

We cast some 25g slugs into the bust ups and even had double hookups


Henry with his bream gear was getting a big touch up


and he landed the biggest fish of the day


Terry caught a few, a bonito and we all dropped a few too.

Sore wrists all round and we headed behind Brays for some reefies, but none were found, so into the passage and we downsized our gear and second cast of a Squidgy stealth prawn I had a flathead dinner sorted :) Then back to the ramp and time for a feed.


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nice one guys

was there any mackerel out there?

as i was coming home from my fish today in the passage, i drove around the headland

and noticed school's of fish everywhere, around the blinker area, and wandered if they where mackerel. i think i'm gonna get up early in the morn and head out there to throw some slugs around. wheather is good enough to get my tinnie out there :dry:

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nice job...I hope you got the name of the ship and rang the port authorities straight away...we get a bad name from them for fishing near channels , to close to wharfs etc..about time we started doing what we should - reporting those that really do wrong as well !!...not to mention it was probably harmful to our environment and they were doing it illegally , or at best , they might not have been aware...

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