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hunting jack


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Headed down to the passage today in search of a jack..

started off trolling for a little while,but the amount of weed was making things difficult,managed a couple of good hits but no hook up (again) :angry:

so with that we headed to a spot that i had never fished before.

got there anchored up under a tree for the shade.. :fishing:

having left the cast net behind,we had to make do with the mullet i had bought from home.

started fishing and it was long till the bream had sniffed out the mullet :cheer:

and then,u wouldnt believe it's a "JACK" :aussie:

not a big one but still a jack :woohoo:

now i know their there,i'll be back

cheers ians_jack_jan_2010_00333.jpg

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jakhunta wrote:

Good stuff, tough lookin little fish arent they! Even at that size. Up north we found the jacks preferred a well presented flesh bait over a livie most times when both methods were being fished.

yeah, i have a mate that catch's alot of jack's in the noosa river and catch's more on flesh bait then a livie

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