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7 yellas on lures and my PB


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ok guys went down to the creek at about 5 and i started to lure fish. hopeing to get some yellas. well i ended up getting 7 yellas to the bank but 3 where very quick relases getting off on the bank and finding there way back to the water lol :laugh: .

but i did get my PB and also landed 7 yellowbelly on a lure so i was so happy.




and my PB


cheers guys

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fisherjack1394 wrote:

mangler wrote:
Good work mate, what style of lure was doing the trick in the dirty water?

it was an immitation jackal in a brown and clear colour, i am posting a video of me actually hookinh the fish think u might like it.

Nice video mate. Thought the lure would have been something with a heap of vibration, like the one you were using, usually does the trick in those dirty waters on the yellas.

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