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Stickers get fishos unstuck


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Not sure if this subject has come up before.

Article from January Fishing World mag.

18 Jan 2010

By Mick Fletoridis

Fisho recently received an email from reader David regarding the use of bag and size limit stickers as issued by the various state fisheries departments. In this particular case the enquiry related to a NSW angler who had used a NSW Fisheries sticker to measure the legal length of a kingfish, an action that later almost saw him come "unstuck".

David's email:

A guy in Sydney had an education from Fisheries several weeks ago.

The story goes like this....the bloke caught a Kingy....measured it on his Fisheries sticker and it measured 65cm....happy days with one for the BBQ.

Along come Fisheries....check the bloke has a licence which he does....they then check the length of his Kingy....slight problem....Fisheries measure it at 64.1cm .....the bloke asks Fisheries to measure it on his Fisheries sticker and sure enough it measures 65cm....Fisheries let him off with a caution...it could have been a $300 fine!!!.....Fisheries advise this guy that their stickers are not a legal form of measure, it does say this in small print on the sticker....when the guy gets home he measures each sticker he has in his boat ( two of them)...the first measures 64cm at the 65cm mark and the other measures 63.8cm at the 65cm mark.

Anyway just something to keep in mind.

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Response to Fishing World magazine re rec fishing stickers, 14th January 2010.

Industry & Investment NSW (I&I NSW) provides these stickers free of charge as a service to the anglers of NSW and clearly states on the product that it is a guide only and not a legal measure of length.

The stickers are produced using the highest quality vinyl, however I&I NSW is aware the stickers may be affected if stored at high temperatures for an extended period of time, which may result in slight shrinkage.

In an effort to reduce this issue, I&I NSW will advise agents who provide the stickers to store them out of sunlight and to avoid long term storage.

In most cases the stickers will not shrink once the sticker is adhered to a hard surface such as the side of a boat, esky or tackle box.

NSW Fisheries Officers are aware that the stickers are a guide only, as clearly stated on the ruler, and provided as a service to anglers.

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Whiskers wrote:

Well what's the point in them then?


I have had a dodgy fish measurer,(according to my Stanley builders tape)so I don`t think its uncommon (tackle company name brand brag mats vary with accuracy)

My way of thinking the point,has always been, we are given a minimum size per species,

you don`t get much meat of a barely legal bream,whiting etc, any fish that I decide to keep I always allow 1-2 cm over the legal minimum length before even deciding if it maybe dinner that night,depending on species.This practice covers me for legal length and shrinkage if checked by fisheries.

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