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North Pine Upstream investigation


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Well loaded up the ol silver bullet and headed upstream on NPD. Wanted to get right up and see if it was as promising as the lower reaches of the river looked.

Went up about 7k's for a round trip a little over 14k's. About 3k's up the river past where the dams currently finishes. We were slowly working out way up casting at likely looking areas as we went. The wind blew up about 15 to 20 knots about 11:30, blowing straight up the dam, so we decided to head for home. Water depth was down to about 12 foot consistently by then,but I reckon there was a couple of k's of navigable water left yet.


Back battery bank was at 50%, front bank at 60% when I got home, so we could easily have made it all the way to the top, but with the wind up we thought it best to play it safe and head for home. As it was it was a solid slug at about 4kph for two hours to get home. Could have gone faster, but that was 75% power on rear motor, 60% on the front, which gives best battery life.

Very fishy looking right up there, with pockets of remnant rain forest and rocky banks, undercuts etc etc. All good lure country!







No fish landed, and only 3 redclaw from 8 pots, no shrimp from 4 pots, (4 of each having been in overnight) so still pretty barren up the top.


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